The EU funded ComFish project focuses on dissemination of scientific knowledge on fisheries research. The initiative explores innovative mechanisms to improve communication between scientists, policy makers, fisheries stakeholders and the society at large.


In its entirety, the project takes a comprehensive, systematic and science based approach to communicating fisheries related issues through:
  • training regional communication facilitators.
  • engagement of key stakeholders in a dialogue at regional meetings to identify issue impasses.
  • preparation of new information content to address issues previously not well communicated.
  • communication of these issues to a much enlarged audience through internet, television and DVDs.
  • re-engaging stakeholders at a partnering event to create alliances to jointly overcome communication challenges.
  • rigorous evaluation of project activities and deliverables. Production of a 'best practice' report.

Flow of deliverables
The specific project activities include identification and agreement on specific project discourse activities, capacity building to assure uniform standards at all the participating EU partners, discourse activities that lead to identification of challenges and proposed solutions and actions to be taken, preparation of materials for dissemination/empowerment purposes, actual disseminations using different communication platforms and finally evaluation of activities to assess their design, delivery and impact. The strategy of the workplan is to implement ComFish activities in subsequent stages since successive activities are dependent on previous results and deliverables:

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The ComFish project is a Support Action (#289610) funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme: FP7 - Cooperation - Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology
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