The EU funded ComFish project focuses on dissemination of scientific knowledge on fisheries research. The initiative explores innovative mechanisms to improve communication between scientists, policy makers, fisheries stakeholders and the society at large.

ComFish Partnering Event

The ComFish project organised its closing event on January 30th, 2015 in the museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium for almost 100 delegates and participants. The programme started with welcoming remarks by mr. Jacques Fuchs, head of the sector DG Research & Innovation of the European Commission.

Presentations were made by mr. Bernhard Friess, director of the DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission entitled "Future of European fisheries". Mr. Lahsen Ababouch, director of the section Fisheries and Aquaculture, FAO followed with a presentation entitled: "Future of world fisheries". Mr. Eskild Kirkegaard, Chair of the ICES Advisory Committee presented a contribution entitled: "Transparency in advise and quota setting". , and the pre-coffee session was concluded by the coordinator of the ComFish project, dr. Paul Pechan with a final talk: "ComFish project and its findings- the communication perspective".

After coffee, the ComFish science partners presented background and a summary of their Regional Participatory Science Events (RPSE) that had been held during the project period: North Sea region summary (IMR, Norway), Baltic region summary (MIR, Poland), North Atlantic region summary (SIO, Spain), Mediterranean region summary (IREPA, Italy), Black Sea Region summary (IFR, Bulgaria).

After lunch participants joined one of the four pre-selected topics of individual workshops: 1. Improving EU- Mediterranean/Black Sea dialogue ; 2. Fisheries co-management - can it work? ; 3. Engaging stakeholders to improve management measures, focus on by-catch ; and 4. Sustainable fisheries - labelling issues and the power of consumers. The afternoon session concluded with reports from these workshop sessions, discussion and reaching conclusions.

The report of the event can be viewed or downloaded here. An impression of the day can be obtained from the photographs that were made (click on image below). The event agenda can be viewed or downloaded here. Results from previous ComFish events can be found here.




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The ComFish project is a Support Action (#289610) funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme: FP7 - Cooperation - Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology
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