Welcome to the EUSEM initiative


The EUSEM initiative produces film content and background materials on European health, food safety and environmental research.

Three projects: ComEnvir, ComHealth and ComFish are involved with the production of multimedia materials on subjects in environmental (water issues), health (genomics) and fisheries research. A fourth project, ComScience, puts all materials to work when developing a best practice when organising science events that present results on European funded research.


The EUSEM science subjects are treated in easy to understand language for educators and their students as well as the interested general public.

The ComScience project produces 'Science Infomation Packs' (SIPs) for science subjects that were covered in two finished FP6 projects (see ComHeath). The SIPs can be downloaded and emplyed in public events. Both ComEnvir and ComFish will deliver similar SIPs which will be clearly announced. The EUSEM menu structure provides the relevant points of access.

The ComEnvir, ComHealth and ComFish sections provide the full information sources for the SIPs, they present extra film materials and further links to external activities. Information on educational DVD's can be requested here.


The ComScience project organises several public dissemination events to put the SIPs to work. Information on the place and dates of these events are available upon request. The ComScience project produces a best practice guide for these meetings to stimulate the organisation of similar meetings in other locations. Please contact us to receive further information on the support that can be provided.

EUSEM is funded by the European Commission Framework Programmes EUSEM © 2005-13

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